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What we do

Danish Design Supply is a development and production company in the high quality

design furniture segment for large and small companies in Europe. 

We handle all necessary steps to realize an idea into a product ready for the market -

and beyond. To make it easy, we've broken our concept into 5 categories: 

Idea, design, development, production and logistics. All 5 steps are equal important and

are linked closely together to streamline the entire process and achieve the best result. 

We take you through the entire process step by step.










A new product always starts with an idea,
a demand for a new product to add to your collection,
or just the dream of a new product.

There is a lot to consider before you begin:
- Size, softness, style and appearance?
- Price point?
- Volumes, production etc?
- and so on


Danish Design Supply can find the right designer for the job, ensuring that your DNA always is a part
of the product and provide the right recognition of your product.

The design process also requires us to consider material philosophy, color scale and the visual feeling.


During the development phase, it is important to decide the product family at an early stage.
Decide the variations and decide foam qualities, construction, comfort, surfaces,
efficiency on materials etc.
Danish Design Supply will produce and provide all the technical drawings on the wooden
frame, foam construction and qualities, fabric cutting templates etc.
Then we produce the initial prototype to be tested and approved before we prepare the
model for production.


Danish Design Supply can deliver a finished product for your collection.

We handle both piece by piece orders, medium pack orders as well as full truck loads.
We work with stock fabric or piece by piece from Kvadrat, Gabriel, Camira and any other supplier.

All upholstry products are produced at our own workshop in Denmark.

We can also provide professional exposed images of the product ready for use.


Danish Design Supply can handle all logistic solutions.
Through our network of conveyors in Denmark - as well as abroad, we handle
both piece by piece cargo, medium size shipments as well as full loads.

We also handle logistics to Asia and America.

About us

Danish Design Supply offers a full package of professional competent design, development and

production of upholstery furniture.

Our concept is attractive for furniture brands, b2b companies, larger architect companies and

shop chains - all with the common interest to sell your own model to your customers.

We have more than 20 years of experience working with design, development, sales and production.

7 years of working with all processes in a large full-scale production unit with own carpentry, foam cutting,

fabric and leather cutting, sewing and upholstery.







Contact us

Danish Design Supply aps

Bodøvej 7

DK-8700 Horsens


Phone: +45 60 16 45 17 

CVR (VAT nr.) 3698 7553 


Henrik Lerche 

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Danish Design Supply


Bodøvej 7
DK-8700 Horsens
CVR (VAT nr). 3698 7553